OpenBSD Webzine


Recent -current changes

7.0-stable updates (since last webzine issue)

Shell tips

Did you know your shell has keyboard shortcuts? They are quite useful. Here is a list for the default mode ("emacs mode"):

The shell can also be used in vi mode, but this I'll save for another webzine issue.

Artwork of the moment

A hand drawn puffy with a headset and a small floating heart on its right. It's labeled Puffones.
"End of year gifts." by

Note from the editorial team

Hi, first I'd like to share my best wishes to everyone for 2022. I've been in touch with a few people willing to translate the webzine into other languages, this is absolutely great but at this time the webzine's workflow does not handle translation. I'll have to work on this to make the translations possible. I have been very busy in December; I did not have much time to work on this issue and this is noticeable both in delay and content, but at the same time the OpenBSD project has been quite quiet for the period.


Solène Rapenne, Vincent Finance, prx, pamela@ and other people who contributed outside of git that I may have forgotten. Many thanks to everyone involved and supportive of the idea!