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For me, OpenBSD is a great platform to learn how computers work, even if it's a radically different OS compared to a GNU/Linux distribution or Windows.

When I started to use OpenBSD on an old Dell Optiplex G260, one thing that impressed me first was the quality of the man pages and the documentation. This might just be a small detail at first, but if you think about it, it means that you can find lots of information and some configuration examples without connecting to the Internet.
In an era where everything goes into the "Cloud", it is always good to have a solid base near you, waiting to answer your questions and ready to help you.

In my opinion, every good project should have a good documentation, like OpenBSD.

Vincent Finance

Shell tip

Display the current month calendar with current day highlighted:

now=$(date +%d) ; /usr/bin/cal -m | \
	sed -E "3,\\$s/( |^)($now)( |\\$)/\\1$(printf "\\033[7m")\\2$(printf "\\033[0m")\\3/"

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Love the domain name, excited to see what this turns into Aaronstotle

What's a hackathon?

Recently the h2k21 OpenBSD hackathon happened in Portugal, and I suppose it is hard to imagine what exactly happens there.

The OpenBSD hackathons occur a few times a year all across the world. Usually a week long, it's a time where developers can meet in real life.

It's the opportunity for everyone to hack on OpenBSD with many people around, ask for help, exchange ideas, get curious about other people's work while drinking one's favorite beverage

Hackathons are also a vacation trip, people are not absolutely bound to the hackroom, some groups get formed but some prefer to stay alone and visit the city or interesting areas around.

At every hackathon an artwork is created and shirts with the artwork are given to participants.

In the hackroom, the ambiance is very pleasant, many people behind their computers, but some are speaking, some coming back from a trip and offering local specialties to everyone.

Because many people are gathered in one place, code can be reviewed quickly and committed quickly, however with so many changes, sometimes things break but also get repaired quickly.

I think hackathons are a great part of the success of OpenBSD; they create bonds between people among the project while helping drive development for hard pieces requiring a few minds focused on a piece of the system.

Solène Rapenne

Artworks of the moment

A picture featuring a few people dressed like in the 40's in foreground, a RUN BSD text is visible on a wall at the center of the picture.  In background there is a monument with columns.

Artwork originally published .

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Solène Rapenne, Vincent Finance, prx, pamela@ and maybe some people who contributed outside of git that I forgot. Many thanks to everyone involved and supportive to the idea.