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Shell tips

With the default shell ksh, you may have noticed typing history would only display the last 10 lines of the history. This happens because history is an alias for the command fc -l which by default only displays the last 10 lines. Giving a number as a parameter to this alias will display the history from that number. Use history 1 to display the complete history.

Reader comments

I love the idea of a webzine! - many people after showing the Webzine mockup
Please, make an RSS feed! - anonymous

Artworks of the moment

A drawing featuring a city viewed from some altitude with many characters looking like the OpenBSD mascot.

Artwork originally found .


  • if you want something conceptualy less broken, give plan9 a try
  • if you want something more polished, give vim+coreutils a try
  • if you want something convivialist, obenbsd is the best trade off i seen (you can also give try to sbase or 9base)
  • if you want something more consistent, let's start our project :)
  • if you want something perfect, let it go :)
β€” Marc Chantreux on misc@


Solène Rapenne, prx, Stéphane Huc, Raf Czlonka, pamela@ and maybe some people who contributed outside of git that I forgot. Many thanks to everyone involved and supportive to the idea.