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OpenBSD 7.0 comes with a new utility named timeout to run a command and stop it after an user defined time. The is available for full information. While it was possible to achieve this in shell using a child process sleeping for some time and stopping the main process if it wasn't finished yet, timeout makes this job very easy. One simple real world use case would be a lazy site-to-site synchronization using a rsync job run every night when the Internet uplink can be fully used and stopped right before people will need the network. Such a scenario can be done with timeout 8h rsync -a /data/ remote:/data/ and started from a cron job at 00h00. In this case rsync would run at midnight and timeout would stop it at 8h00 if the job is not finished.


OpenBSD is great as an OS, but also for it's side projects. My mail server is using OpenSMTPD on OpenBSD. OpenSMTPD is very easy to configure compared to other MTA.

OpenBSD includes also a lot of various network tools that makes it a great choice for routers. At home I set up two APU2 in redundancy as personal router, as a commercial box replacement. Everything is included: CARP makes it easy to manage IP failover mechanism, of course the firewall pf, and other convenient tools like dhcpd and unbound.

BONUS: OpenBSD makes very easy to play beeper music, see .

To play the first notes of Bach's prelude in C minor (BWV 934) (transposed to A minor to ease the writing), you need two OpenBSD boxes with beepers, and pipe the two following strings on /dev/speaker on both computers at the exact same time.

On box 1:
abc<e>b<d cbacea <d>cbdf<a g+f+eg+bd
caeac+a da>e<a>f<a bgdgbg cg>d<g>e<g
afefac gedegc <fedefc bcdbgf
egcgeg f>c<g>cac gcacb-c l4 acl2f
l4dl2o4b l4 g>e. l8dcbab cgl4ep
On box 2:
a>ae f<fp p64 >fdb e<ep p64
a>ag fed p64 <g>gf edc p64
fao3d ego3c p64 dfd g<gb p64
c<co2b- agf p64 edc l8 >acfedc
bdgfed ceag-fe l4 de<e l2c
Guy Godfroy

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Nice! - jcs@openbsd

This is a very good idea! - anonymous

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Two puffies with deep-diving masks looking for a meadow of old CRT screens lying on the sea bed.

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Note from the editorial team

We are very happy of the feedback we got from the community for the first release. We will try to release a new issue every two weeks from now. We still have no bot to automatically report news on Twitter or Mastodon (this is often asked) but we have an Atom feed, bots will come later.

If you want to contribute, you can tell us how you use OpenBSD and why, we will be happy to publish your text.


Solène Rapenne, prx, Raf Czlonka, Guy Godfroy and maybe some people who contributed outside of git that I forgot. Many thanks to everyone involved and supportive to the idea.