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Interesting new packages

A lot of new packages got imported, some are alternatives of packages already available, but many are bringing possibilities we didn't have before.

7.1-stable updates (since last webzine issue)

Shell tips

To improve performance or reduce disk i/o for some workload, you can mount /tmp in memory using mount_mfs. When doing so, the new fstab entry would look like this:

swap /tmp mfs rw,nodev,nosuid,-s=800MB 0 0

In this example, we used 800MB, you should adapt according to how much memory you want for /tmp.

You can find your memory size using dmesg and awk:

dmesg | awk '/avail mem/'

Here is a command generating a fstab entry assigning 10% of your memory to /tmp/, you can use it in place of your /tmp/ entry:

printf "swap /tmp mfs rw,nodev,nosuid,-s=%sB 0 0\n" \
$(dmesg |awk '/avail mem/ { print int($4 /10) }')

You need to adjust /tmp permissions:

 # chmod 1777 /tmp

Artworks of the moment

A Puffy using a computer
Puffy using a computer with a real mouse sleeping nearby, artwork realized by

Note from the editorial team

Note from Solene

This issue is late again. It's hard to find a good publication rate fitting with this hobby work. Originally, I planned to publish every two weeks, that would allow me to gently gather links and material for a new zine, but at the same time there are periods like before a new release during which nothing happen. On the other hand, when waiting long between publications without having a clear deadline, a lot of content need to be covered and it accumulates in a huge pile, which is not necessarily fun to go through. However, while the Webzine is late on schedule, it reached EIGHT different languages; not all the issues got translated into the eight languages but it's been very comforting to meet all the people working on the translations, THANKS!


Solène Rapenne, prx, Vincent Finance and other people who contributed outside of git that I may have forgotten. Many thanks to everyone involved and supportive of the idea!